Planned Litters

No planned litters
Λαγωνικός του Αφγανιστάν

Past Litters


GR CH Dolce Vita Three Graces  Sire: Heart Of Gold A Touch of Freedom

 Fortune Cookie Three Graces (Owner: Michalis Nomikos, GREECE)

 Fancy Nancy Three Graces (Owner: Breeders)

 Foxy Lady Three Graces (Owner: Nicole Kontogiannis, ROMANIA)

Fables Three Graces (Owner: Melpomeni Tsavou, GREECE)

♀  Fairyland Three Graces (Owner: Xanthi Skoulariki, GREECE)

Forget Me Not Three Graces (Owners: Yannis Bourodimos & Robert Phillips, GREECE)

 Fast N’ Furious Three Graces (Owner: Christos Psicharis, GREECE)

 Fearless Three Graces (Owner: Beverly Thomson, CANADA)

 Fifty Shades Darker Three Graces (Owner: Dimitris Gioulis, GREECE) 

 Fade To Black Three Graces (Owner: Despoina Sotiropoulou, GREECE)

F’ Litter’s Pedigree


GR CH C’ Est La Vie Three Graces   Sire: INT CH MULTI CH Khafka’s Sterling-Silver

 Electra Three Graces (Owner: Aggeliki Galiatsiatou, GREECE)

 JR GR CH GR CH Evita Three Graces

 Eye Candy Three Graces Owner: Argiro Xagorari, GREECE)

Ecstasy Three Graces (Owner: Tony Komninou, GREECE)

♀  JR HU CH JR SRB CH SRB CH Eleanor Rigby Three Graces (Owner: Monika Harmath, HUNGARY) 

 Englishman In N.Y Three Graces (Owner: Nicole Kontogiannis, ROMANIA)

 Espresso Three Graces (Owner: Phoebe Petroutsou-Raftopoulou, GREECE)

 Easy Come Easy Go Three Graces (Owner: Iosif Doudonis, GREECE)

 Edison Three Graces (Owner: Phoebe Petroutsou-Raftopoulou, GREECE)

 JR GR CH Earthquake Three Graces (Nikolas Vlachos, GREECE)

E’ Litter’s Pedigree



 GR BG CH Tranquil Tinos Three Graces  Sire: Color is Life A Touch of Freedom

 J GR CH GR CH Dolce Vita Three Graces

 Deja Vu Three Graces (Owner: Dawn Hunn, UK)

D’ Litter’s Pedigree



 GR BG CH Tranquil Tinos Three Graces  Sire: INT CH  MULTI CH Caravan Xorret De Cati

 J GR CH GRAND GR CH GR CH C’ Est La vie Three Graces

C’ Litter’s Pedigree



 GR CH Allsatin Italian Marriage   Sire: INT CH MULTI CH Khafka’s Sterling-Silver

♀ DWRZV JUG CH  Dt JUG CH VDH Breathless Three Graces (Owner: Silvia Abendschein, GERMANY)

 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Three Graces (Owner: Breeders)

 Basic Instinct Three Graces (Owners: Pat & Rob Latimer, FRANCE – Died in Dec. 2013

 GRAND GR CH GR CH Blade Runner Three Graces (Owner: Sofia Varka, GREECE)

 Bad One Three Graces (Owner: K S Nagraj Setty, INDIA)

 Int CH  DWRZV CH Dt CH  VDH Big Blue Three Graces (Owners: Karin & Lothar Hessling, GERMANY)

GRAND GR CH GR  CH Boogie Nights Three Graces (Owners: Evi Tragali  and Dimitris Chatzis, GREECE)

♂ GR CH Boys Don’t Cry Three Graces (Owner: Voula Giannoukakou, GREECE)

B’ Litter’s Pedigree



 GR CH Allsatin Italian Marriage   Sire: INT CH MULTI CH Exxos Game Boy at Zharook

 Divine Milos Three Graces (Owner: Noora Al Khalifa, BAHRAIN)

 Holly Dilos Three Graces (Owner: Lamprini Kolaza, GREECE)

 Entropic Ios Three Graces (Owner: Isidoros Evagelista, GREECE)

  GRAND GR CH GR CH Tranquil Tinos Three Graces

Luminous Paros Three Graces (Owner: Joyce Tobin Mississippi-USA)

A’ Litter’s Pedigree