Greek Kennel Club NDS 03-04/11/2007

One weekend two different National Shows. The first day Naya and Merlin were entered. Naya won the CAC, BOB, BOG and later on all breeds Best In Show 4th (judge: Mr. Avi Marhak) Merlin handled by his breeder received excellent 2 in open class males (judge: Mrs. Sonia Falletti). The second day, Hamlet and Merlin were [...]

November 4th, 2007|Dog Shows|

Greek Kennel Club IDS 07/10/2007

While Naya and Merlin were resting and due to our sister's wedding, only Hamlet (Khafka's Sterling Silver) participated in the Show. He ended up second Best Junior in males (judge:Mr. Paolo Dondina).

October 7th, 2007|Dog Shows|

Katerini Kennel Club IDS 24/06/2007

Our boy, Khafka's Sterling Silver, at the age of 11 months, won BJIB, BOB, BIG (judge: Mr. Szolt Lokodi). Our Merlin, Chrysothemis Honestly Yours, first time in Open Class, won RCAC and RCACIB(judge: Mr. Cristian Vantu).

June 24th, 2007|Dog Shows|

Katerini Kennel Club IDS 23/06/2007

Our boy Khafka's Sterling Silver in his second time out, at the age of 11 months, won BJIB,BOB, RBIG (judge: Mrs. Rouli Kantzou) and at the end fourth BJIS (judge: Mr. Cristian Vantu). Our girl Allsatin Italian Marriage won CAC, CACIB, BOS (judge: Mrs. Rouli Kantzou).

June 23rd, 2007|Dog Shows|